Objective :

Tap the directions as fast as you can in this raw speed game. Beat times to unlock new levels.

Controls :

Left & Right

Or any of these: A & D / Z & M / Q & D / < & > / Left & Right Ctrl / Left & Right Shift


Tap left or right side

Modes :

Random: Each time you do a level the directions are randomised.

Recorded: Each level always has the same directions allowing you to learn them.

Notes :

There are some rules to help you learn what directions you can get:

You can't get the same direction 5 times.

The direction will not change 4 times in a row.

If you listen carefully the sound you get when you press a direction changes depending on if you are ahead of time to beat the level or behind time.

Try and get to level 90!


This game has been quite popular so I have made an Android app version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.uk.davetech.twotap

Also available on